Sunday, February 22, 2009

"deception wears it's veil"

This is the third piece in my new series. really feel as though im being pushed conceptually as well as technically with this new body of work. The poem for the work is below. A big thanks to my friend and mentor Ash Thorp for all of his help, and to Chris Polentz, Reddiva and Vikingjoe for their wonderful words and insight.

"deception wears its veil"

So I ask where are you going child?
with that mouth that lies about your heart,
that cowardice heart that speaks through veil covered eyes in nine letter truths,
but marks return to sender on my perfect gift,
child I know your heart, because it is mine,
and I know your waiting with your trigger finger wrapped in crossword puzzle deliverance to live for the winner of pro versus con,
plastic ornament versus healer,
but you may end before the battle is won,
and your watching from the middle of the road,
in the middle of nowhere,
when you cant afford to be lost.

acrylic on wood 12" x 36"

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