Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thinkspace Presents: CA BOOM INVASION

Here is the flyer that Thinkspace Gallery sent me for a show that I will be in titled "CA BOOM INVASION". Want to send a big thank you to everyone that is making this event possible and to Thinkspace for giving me the opportunity to take part in this amazing show! 

Conversatwins with mirrors (Process)

Conversatwins with mirrors (Process)

Conversatwins with mirrors (Process)

Conversatwins with mirrors (Process)

Here is a more in depth photo process of how my work comes together. As I said before, my paintings are built in layers using a wash technique. In the photos you can see how the layering works, basically I'll build up a layer (in this case I built the face with unbleached titanium) and than wash it down with yellows, reds, pinks, purples etc. and build it back up hoping to make the work smoother and correctly toned. I also show a picture of my patterns/veils design, which I first drew on a piece of tracing paper that I placed over the portrait and than used as a reference when I actually painted the patterns/veils in acrylic. This process actually took much longer than I had planned on, I went through many, many drafts of the patterns/veils before I created the one that I wanted to go ahead and paint. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Conversatwins with mirrors

We are compromised ornaments,
Dirty, but still hung for the occasion,
Occasion = opportunity,
This occasion is an opportunity to mimic light,
To attract and steal,
This is feeding time,
This is what we do, and my how we make a mess of things,
Confusing and posing with half ass gestures and crooked smiles
We will take it all,
All the shine and glimmer from your trusting, open face (Yes, even that tiny sparkle in your eye) will be ours,
But don't worry! They will be put to good use I assure you,
Oh they most certainly will!
They will be wrapped and folded ever so carefully into delicate ribbons that will adorn our faces,
A victory mask of sorts,
Masks like you could never imagine,
Oh it will be marvelous!
We will shine like pink dreams,
And we will get away with it.

Acrylic on Wood. 22.5" x 48"

Friday, June 5, 2009

August 'Juxtapoz' Ad

Thinkspace just sent me the ad they are submitting for the August issue of 'Juxtapoz' magazine. Have a blurb on the bottom for the Sept. show that I will be in! Could not be more excited! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Act 1: A thief- A lesson

I applaud the thief,
the winged watchman that saw our priceless possessions foolishly handled,
between our soft skin simple questions turn white to grey,
turn adult to child,
for we are not machines,
errors are eminent, and the thief knows this,
he will seize the opportunity and strike...
I applaud the thief,
I'll say I should have known better,
but I did know better,
your supposed to keep your enemies closer,
so I'll keep you closer,
I'll keep you here... safe in my death grip. 

Acrylic on Wood

22" x 46"

Act 1: A thief- A lesson (Process)

I've been wanting to show a brief process of how my works come together. My paintings are built in layers using a modified 'wash' technique on the portraits that is similar to the technique used by the masters, but as previously stated is slightly modified for use with acrylic paint. The purpose of the wash is to reduce the appearance of the brushstroke and/or a way to add a desired color to the area being washed. Im working on an entire stage by stage process write up for the piece I am currently working on and will post when finished, but this is a brief example of just a few of the stages the paintings go through.