Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Conversatwins with mirrors

We are compromised ornaments,
Dirty, but still hung for the occasion,
Occasion = opportunity,
This occasion is an opportunity to mimic light,
To attract and steal,
This is feeding time,
This is what we do, and my how we make a mess of things,
Confusing and posing with half ass gestures and crooked smiles
We will take it all,
All the shine and glimmer from your trusting, open face (Yes, even that tiny sparkle in your eye) will be ours,
But don't worry! They will be put to good use I assure you,
Oh they most certainly will!
They will be wrapped and folded ever so carefully into delicate ribbons that will adorn our faces,
A victory mask of sorts,
Masks like you could never imagine,
Oh it will be marvelous!
We will shine like pink dreams,
And we will get away with it.

Acrylic on Wood. 22.5" x 48"


Anonymous said...

Simply amazing!
Did you use any spray paint in this piece?

(saw your stuff earlier on Juxtapoz, congrats)

nathan said...

aww thank you so much! no spray paint here all acrylic, thanks again!