Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Act 1: A thief- A lesson

I applaud the thief,
the winged watchman that saw our priceless possessions foolishly handled,
between our soft skin simple questions turn white to grey,
turn adult to child,
for we are not machines,
errors are eminent, and the thief knows this,
he will seize the opportunity and strike...
I applaud the thief,
I'll say I should have known better,
but I did know better,
your supposed to keep your enemies closer,
so I'll keep you closer,
I'll keep you here... safe in my death grip. 

Acrylic on Wood

22" x 46"


dushky said...

I'm so glad you got a blog. Now I can watch you from here too! :)

nathan said...

ahh thank you so much! im glad i have a blog too, now i can show works in progress and keep better updates on shows and events and such! you dont know how much i appreciate all your support and interest! it means the world! :)