Sunday, June 20, 2010


Here are a few detail shots of some new works/experiments in progress. I have really been enjoying the time I have to create lately. And don't get me wrong, I am always very grateful and appreciative for any time I am able to paint because I love painting to pieces, its without a doubt the peanut butter to my jelly but sometimes painting will have me so frustrated and tied in knots that I need to force myself to sit and push through a work session, but not recently. Sure there are always gonna be the bumps in the road, and the minor struggles, but for the most part I cant wait to come home, put my headphones on, pour a delicious cup of coffee, tune the world out and delve right in!


Heidi Alamanda said...

I love painting to pieces as well, but tuning the world out is sometimes the hardest part. The progress looks fantastic

Nathan DeYoung said...

Thank you so much Heidi your support is SO appreciated! So sorry for the slow response, I have been totally consumed this past week! And it's funny because I'm just the opposite, it's almost scary how easy it is for me to zone everything out, thankfully I have incredible family and friends that understand that part of me. Happy painting and thanks again Heidi!!