Sunday, August 22, 2010


wow, its been a hot minute since i have posted anything and i apologize. I have been ridiculously, insanely busy the past few weeks and i wish i could say its all been going into my artwork, but that's just not the way the cookie has crumbled and my day job has been keeping me very very occupied. but never fear i still have been as busy as humanly possible in the studio, currently I'm working on making some new pieces for some upcoming shows i have later this year. Like always I'm really trying to push myself with these new works and i have def. been out of my comfort zone lately. And while that is always a good thing and a sign of growth it also means that i have been riding that emotional roller coaster. But all in all i have high hopes and think that all this struggle and frustration will pay off, so wish me luck and if you could keep your fingers crossed for me i would be ever so grateful!! here is a quick close up pic of one I'm working on now, its nowhere near finished so hopefully you can bare with me!!

* P.S. I have been so inspired by these two fantastic records! The first is off the amazing new Arcade Fire album titled "Suburbs" here is one of my fav. tracks off the record.

and the second is off probably the best heavy record i have heard this year, its the flawless and utterly brilliant record "Option Paralysis" by The Dillinger Escape Plan. Enjoy!

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JUURI said...

I feel your pain about the day job! But seriously I don't think you'll be doing that for long. You are so super super uber talented, and not only that, you have exquisite sense. Your color combos are fab; how do you do that!?!