Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thinkspace Gallery '5 Year Anniversary Group Show'

This November I will have a new work in Thinkspace Gallery's '5 Year Anniversary Group Show'! Really excited and enormously honored to be able to take part in this show! The line-up is nothing short of JAW dropping!!! If you are in the area, please come out and take a looksie! And sorry for the lack of updates and posts, had a lot on my plate lately, but soon I'll be posting some new news and updates and such! Hope this finds everyone well!


Mia said...

Hey man, awesome meeting you in person at last! Your piece was incredible as always! See you next month? If you ever want to talk shop, I'm down :)

Nathan DeYoung said...

Hey Mia!! Thanks so much for your kind words means the world! Totally agree was such a pleasure to FINALLY meet you in person, and it would be such an honor to see you again next month! Please please keep your fingers crossed for me, things are a bit scary! I would love to talk shop too, and if you need to please do! So sorry too for the slow response it seems I have been the king of lame late responses!