Monday, August 17, 2009

Act 2: A change- A gift

As dark welcomes light and the air readies itself for the sun,
you'll think about those times,
times spent lost in that vast desert of variables,
walking knee deep in the sand with colossal expectations,
honestly attempting to perform magic tricks with lying hands,
desperately searching for the calming oasis found between lying eyes...
Your occupied hands welcome an eye like a half hearted smile welcomes a coward, and you know this burden of weighted thoughts will gladly accept your misgivings as an invitation to dine...
Yes, you will think about those times,
for the last time,
and than you will never look back,
you can never look back...
Instead, you will close your eyes and feel loving feathers and exhausted breath carry you to an endless sky,
you will be sewn together weightless and be reconstructed to glow between vast and influenced rainbows that look down upon the weight and the sand,
and when your eyes reopen they will glimmer and shine of new perspective,
they will shine of feathers and simplicity,
and they will reflect nothing of where you have been.

Acrylic on Wood 22" X 46"


Heidi A. said...

Beautiful writing and beautiful painting, Nathan. Love the process and of course the final result.

Nathan DeYoung said...

thank you so much! Sorry I didnt respond sooner, have been having a hard time finding a balance between getting work done and doing web and email business! But I greatly greatly appreciate the comment!

Heidi A. said...

I've followed your blog. Looking forward for more postings of your process:)

ash said...