Sunday, September 27, 2009

Act 3: A Solution In Vivid Color

Lend me your skin and i'll mock you in delicate shades of white,
And in the sugar rush that will follow as we assume and I devour,
The full understanding that loved and empty agreement,
That flammable mixture of senses,
That taste of bitter, ginger fingers, candy apple thighs, cherry bone marrow,
All beautifully served with mixed signals and finished with encouraging words,
As we assume and I devour,
That sweetly sickening toxic risk,
That bore connected letters, 
Which grew into words, 
That died as complete sentences when pushed through straight teeth by lonely lungs,
(The friction!) that created a small spark right in the heart of the great candy rooted forest,
Friction than presented the problem and the solution...
The spark/ the fire/ that great forest at night that now burns for all to see in vivid color.

Acrylic on wood 22"x 44"


Heidi A. said...

The background is looking fantastic. Beautiful work, Nathan.

Nathan DeYoung said...

thank you so much! : )

Angela Hardy said...

Just found you via Juxtapoz.. freakin love your stuff!!

OptPhoto said...

You're works are absolutely exquisite.