Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am so sorry I have been such a slacker on keeping things updated! I have been really busy actually and have had a lot of things I should have been posting, but between working, painting and trying to sleep I've been having some difficulty finding that balance... But I do intend to make up for it, starting now! 

I recently had my show entitled "Windows & Mirrors" with Thinkspace gallery and it was more than I could have ever hoped for!! I want to thank everyone for coming out and making this night nothing short of a dream come true! Im going to be sure to post some pics of the show soon!

Also more dream come true stuff- I did an interview and a process post with recently and here are the links for those!

I also did a live painting at the Beyond Eden Art Festival recently which I'll also post pics of soon, had a great time and would love to thank the lovely and supportive Thinkspace Gallery for allowing me to take part in such an amazing event! 

I've also been working really hard on my newest painting titled  Act 4: Like Exploding (Accepting) Neon (Dreams) which will be going to Aqua Miami for Art Basel this December (more info to come) I will also be posting some pics of the piece in the near future with a full photo process and the final work once its done! 

And I was recently selected as this months featured artist by OM records!!! Want to send a HUGE thank you to those guys for allowing me this opportunity! Could NOT be more excited! To see that here is the link:

Lots more on the horizon and in the works so i'll be sure to keep everything posted this time around and hope this post finds everyone doing well!



OptPhoto said...

Fantastic! Congrats, man!

KPN said...

I read your interview with Juxtapoz on their blog and frankly I'm blown away by your work. I love how you're such a positive person as well. Congratulations!

Nathan DeYoung said...

thank you both so much!! feel so fortunate and grateful to receive such wonderful comments they are very very warmly appreciated!!